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After movie of an event

After movie videos are great to show the entire event in a short video.
The video is fast paced, covers the highlights of the event. After movie video could be created for a fashion show, a music concert or an event.
As the attention span of the viewers is less, such short videos conveys the message in a short duration. Such type of videos could be used on your social media channels like brands Facebook page or Twitter handle.


STOREEL created this after movie video for the style icon 2016, that was organized at Phoenix Market city Pune. Entire production and post production in Pune was taken care by STOREEL. It was shot with multiple cameras and later edited accordingly to summarized into a 2 minutes short clip

The story telling and the sequence of the event is very important in such events. The video progresses in a pre-decided format, so the after movie must be a quick replica of the entire event.

The the following video for STYLE ICON 2016 we have put together shots according to the sequence of the actual event. This gives the video the desired pacing and flow.

Do check out the following video.

Posted by malikkhan on October 18, 2016

Behind the scenes videos

Behind the scenes (BTS) videos are a good way to keep interacting with your loyal audience and viewers on various social media channels. BTS could be a video of what actually happened on the sets while shooting an AD film, or making of a drink in a restaurant or making of a recipe.  BTS videos can also be considered as videos that reveal the secret behind something that you see in the main video. BTS videos of a film can be of help to create a social media audience for a particular production house.

Such videos can be of help to create campaigns on social media. The genre could be categorised as humorous, funny and blooper videos. But it could also be serious too when it comes to corporate and making of something serious.

Example: megaFROG drinks at blueFROG Pune

We created Mega frog videos for blueFROG Pune that shows how the megaFROG drinks are actually created and what ingredients goes in this particular drink. megaFROG is a unique drink that blueFROG offers to its customers it comes in different flavours like whiskey, rum and Vodka megaFROGS.

blueFROG including Pune and Mumbai has sold around more than 2000 megaFROGs and they wanted to show their loyal customers the making of the drink. So STOREEL MEDIA in Pune created such 1 minute videos that FROG could use it on their social media channels. Such videos also acts as regular content for the social media pages of the brand and helps the brand grow in long term while building the brand stronger at the same time.

STOREEL shot multiple drink videos in Pune on the same day.

Example: Kolte Patil Developers Nest Fest

Kolte Patil Developers had organised Nest fest where the KPDL team called up more than 20,000 customers and later organised the festival to sell flats. Nest-Fest was a 3 days fest during this time all the team members including the CEO, VP and the Marketing head called up customers and informed them about nest fest, at the same time inviting the potential/ interested customers to the festival.

The team at Kolte Patil managed to convert more than 1,500 customers in 3 days.

STOREEL MEDIA in Pune was given a task to create a Behind the scenes videos or we call it a short promo video to showcase what exactly went behind the scene for Nest fest. STOREEL handled the production / post production and created a crisp video for Kolte Patil which consisted of quick montage. The videos look and feel showed hurriedness of the employees while working on the nest fest project.

Posted by malikkhan on October 10, 2016

Social Media video’s to build your Brand

Social media videos are the best way to pull audience towards your brand and build a story around your brand. Social media videos don’t directly talk about the brand to the audience, they rather subconsciously target the audience behavior towards the brand.

Attention span of the audience on the internet is really small, with those multiple tabs open in the browser. Thumb rule, shorter video has more views and more impact on the audience. Short video could be of 20 sec to 40sec or max to 1 minute duration.

A hot trending topic can be selected and viewership can be build over that. Trending topic or occasion may ensure maximum audience across social media channels. Brands can measure the performance live and get the insight on various platforms like Youtube or Facebook page. Apart from just creating the video giving it a push or boosting it as a sponsored post is very important for the brands with the right target audience in mind. Audience usually share these type of videos, as they don’t directly talk about the brand or the product.

Example: STOREEL MEDIA created social media video’s for RIO fusion drink on the occasion of Rakhsha Bandhan and Independence day respectively. Our idea after discussing with the agency was simple and easy to execute, to compete it in small or a defined budget.

The idea was to ask questions to the youngsters on the street of Pune about the occasions that were about to come in few days and later compile it  to create small sharable video. We did not talk about the brand in the video directly.

We asked questions to the college students, as they are the target audience for the drink. Compiled it to create videos as per the occasion and made it look like a story in the final video output. The video has around 6000 + hits on just Facebook on each video. Timing to launch the video was crucial as it was supposed to be released before the occasion. The entire video production in Pune was handled by STOREEL MEDIA, video was shot and edited in a days time.

Link for the video: Social Media Video for RIO
Link to our other work: STOREEL WORK